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After Reconstruction Rimi Jeruzalė Became Exclusive Shopping Centre in the Northern Part of Vilnius City


 On 22 September Rimi HYPER, shopping centre situated in the residential neighbourhood Jeruzalė, has opened its doors for the first time after the major reconstruction works. Capital Mill, Estonian capital real estate management company, has invested 3.5 million Euros in the renewal of the shopping centre under its management, making it exceptional trading place in the northern part of Vilnius City for its original visual facade solution and expanded variety of modern services.


During the five months of reconstruction, the area of the shopping centre was expanded by 1.8 thousand sq. meters up to 5.2 sq. meters. 10 new stores and restaurants were opened in the newly renovated shopping centre, while the main tenant has introduced HYPER – the first store of the new concept.


“While considering reconstruction, we thought about a whole new quality, starting from the facade and engineering structures and ending with solutions for the surrounding landscaping. Although shopping centres in residential districts usually tend to remain “disadvantaged” in terms of investment and unique solutions, for us Rimi Jeruzalė was subject to comprehensive transformation,” states Irmantas Degutis, Manager of Capital Mill in Lithuania.


Rimi Jeruzalė is an exclusive shopping centre in Vilnius, which under agreement with the city municipality has made its parking lot open for the city.


“Huge attention has been paid to non-commercial yet important spaces designated for the comfort of the customers: the mother-and-child room, children’s playground available not only for the children of the shopping centre visitors, but also of the residents of surrounding neighbourhood, lighting, secure passes, installation of the electric vehicle charging station. Most importantly, the shopping centre is ultimately adapted for people with disabilities, each store, cafe or salon is equipped with individual wide entrances, comfortable countertops and separate WCs,” says Degutis.


According to Lina Šantaraitė, architect of the company Projektų rengimo centras, the most eye-catching feature of the building is a facade of completely new concept, unique not only in terms of innovation but in variety of colours.


“Residential districts are built up with shopping centres which usually look pretty typical and dull, conceptual solutions are rarely used. Based on the number of buyers and visitors, Rimi Jeruzalė has always been in line with the turnarounds of the larger supermarkets. It was especially popular among the residents of surrounding districts and bypassers. Therefore, during the renovation, we decided to transform it into the trading place which could be labelled as an exclusive in the northern part of the city,” says architect Šantaraitė.


Non-standard solution has been chosen for the facade design – aluminium lamellae give beautiful decorative effect of changing colours when looking at the building from different perspectives.


“From the front view the building will appear slightly striped. Visitors coming from Kalvarijų Street will face yellow facade, whereas for drivers and passengers heading down towards the Santaros Clinics, the building will suddenly turn into red. It is definitely an eye catching solution, which we hope will attract bypassers to pay a visit to the centre,” states the architect.


The reconstruction project was completed within five months, an extremely short period for the work of such volume.


“Works of the reconstruction project included the construction of a new wing, the second floor in an old building designed as convenient location for Rimi administration, renovation of engineering networks, landscaping works. We have covered the part of the area with new pavement, repaired the parking lot, including the installation of electric vehicle charging station. After the expansion of the former building with the premises in the wing, the area of the shopping centre has increased by 1,800 sq. meters making enough place for 21 tenant to settle in,” says Kęstutis Vanagas, CEO of reconstruction contractor company YIT Kausta.


As before, the largest area of reconstructed shopping centre will be occupied by a newly renovated Rimi supermarket – the first Rimi Hyper store of new concept.


“Along with this store we made a quality new step in the history of Rimi. It is the first store equipped with the range of most environmentally friendly technologies that we use. We were the first to apply the majority of them in retail stores. These innovations not only reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into environment and resulting in greenhouse effect, but also create the energy that we can use in performing our activities. Thus, the stores of our network step by step head towards the independence from the external energy suppliers,” says Per Dahl, CEO of Rimi Lietuva UAB.

The items in the renovated Rimi are positioned following the new concept adapted to family needs, the store now can offer a greater variety of goods. Products marked with Choose healthier are furthermore visible, whereas the section for functional food (gluten & lactose free) is even more spacious and plentiful.

“The most nature-friendly Rimi will be equipped with salad bars where the buyers can quickly and conveniently take light and healthy snacks or garnishes, not to mention gourmet bakery, meat cutting and a gastronomy shop. Moreover, buyers will be delighted to find more non-food items and choose from the great variety of household items and accessories in one place.


The personnel of new concept store will consist of 60 employees.


10 new stores and restaurants will be opened in Rimi Jeruzalė, including Hesburger drive-in, Mon Ami bakery with a production on-site shop, mother-and-child room and play area for children. Electric vehicle charging station will be installed in a parking lot accommodating over 180 vehicles.

Capital Mill has invested 350 million Euros in the Baltic countries, of which one fourth goes to the projects in Lithuania. Navigator, the office centre in Tallinn, which was the first to be awarded with LEED Gold certificate for sustainable electricity consumption, is among the largest and most exclusive Capital Mill’s projects in the Baltic countries. Explorer, another office building in Tallinn developed by Capital Mill, is considered to be one of the most modern buildings in the Baltic countries. Currently the real estate investment and management company has undertaken the development of 17-storey office building in Riga aspiring after LEED Gold certification as well.

Founded in early 2008, Capital Mill invests into commercial real estate projects in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The shareholders of the company comprise a team with long-standing real estate and banking experience.