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Capital Mill runs a plant development project for one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in Estonia


Capital Mill is constructing a new plant at Peterburi Road in Lasnamäe district of Tallinn for Eolane, one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in Estonia that creates about 300 new jobs in the coming years.


The new structure at 49B Peterburi Road will house an Eolane Tallinn manufacturing plant of 500 workers by the end of the year. The new plant allows the French-origin company to increase output and export volumes of special purpose communication equipment, LED lights for automotive industry, and other electronic products.


“All Eolane special requirements are being adhered to in construction of this high-tech plant building”, says Mr Marko Uueda, Capital Mill manager of new developments. “It took quite a while to ascertain the needs and solutions prior to commencing with the construction,” said Mr Uueda. “It is our experience that the best results come from the close cooperation between the client, the developer, and the builder. Tailor-made solutions are particularly relevant in case of such a demanding project.”


The first stage of the plant will be ready in autumn. Overall space of 6700m2 will be divided between production, storage, office and social areas. It will be an environmentally friendly building, parts of it made of recycled construction materials. Precision air conditioning takes care of healthy working environment and energy efficiency. People with special needs are being catered for: there are ramps, a lift suitable for wheelchair users, toilets for disabled persons.


Next to the anchor tenant Eolane there are two spaces – sized 1600m2 and 1900m2 – available for storage or production or commerce, in addition to modern office premises. The architect of 49B Peterburi Road is Mr Tõnis Tarbe, and the builder is Tallinna Ehitustrust Ltd.


“The new electronics plant emerged from practical needs to keep up with the demand from automotive and telecom companies,” explained Mr Antoine Yon, the CEO of Eolane Tallinn. “Our turnover has more than doubled over the recent three years, so we need a bigger plant and more people to keep growing.”


Eolane Tallinn is the biggest subsidiary of the French-origin Eolane Group with a turnover of 68 million euros amounting to one fifth of the group’s total turnover last year. Relocating to the new plant allows a three-stage expansion of the production area to 11,000m2 and considerable increase in production volumes and workforce.


Mr Damien Quillet, the Vice President of the Eolane Group said that the new plant in Tallinn is a significant investment for the whole group. “We have good experience in Estonia, we believe in Estonia and the Estonians,” said Mr Quillet. “This investment confirms that these are not just words, but we contribute vastly indeed to the growth potential of our Estonian plant.”


Eolane Tallinn has invested more than four million euros in modern production equipment over the last two years, and high-tech production requires skilled labour. According to Mr Yoni, the company recruits from international labour markets, and puts much effort in coaching and training its employees.


“The number of unskilled jobs is rapidly decreasing, we need multi skilled people above all,” he explained. “In addition to expanding the production, the employees will have better conditions and it is possible to employ more persons with special needs. High energy efficiency of the new premises is also significant, allowing us to decrease our environmental footprint in Estonia.”


The new plant will be ready in September, and the production will be relocated there in late autumn.


Eolane Tallinn manufactures special purpose communication equipment and lighting components in Lasnamäe district of Tallinn and exports its production up to 100 per cent. Eolane Tallinn was named the fourth biggest electronics company with its 500 workforce according to the Top List of Äripäev, the leading daily business newspaper in Estonia. Human resources company Fontes claimed Eolane Tallinn to be the company paying the most equal salary genderwise.


In addition to manufacturing electronics components, AS Eolane Tallinn of Eolane Group offers also development service of production and testing systems, protoservice, and aftermarket services. The Tallinn plant, belonging to Eolane Group since 2012, began to manufacture interior and exterior LED lights for automotive industry and air ventilator controllers and sensors for an industrial client in 2016.


Capital Mill OÜ was founded in early 2008 to help investors looking to acquire commercial real estate in the Baltic countries and generate value through high-quality property management services. The founders and partners of the company comprise a team with long-standing real estate and banking experience. The company’s investment portfolio consists of a large number of sought-after business properties in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.