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Capital Mill brings Rimi Hypermarket to the end of Peterburi Road

Capital Mill is developing a commercial building at the crossroads of Peterburi Road and Lagedi Road, where Rimi Hyper will be the anchor tenant. The new Rimi will be the last big store by the Tallinn-Narva highway before the border town Narva.


According to Capital Mill’s Partner Tanel Samuel, the new development at Peterburi Road 98 will be erected at a promising location – at the intersection of big and important roads that guarantee a good connection with the Vana-Narva Narva Road industrial district, the Muuga Harbor, the Tallinn Ring Road, the Lasnamäe city district, and the Tallinn-Narva highway.


“The viability of the new development is determined by its location and suitability for the natural paths of the main clientele. Every day, tens of thousands of people depart from Tallinn to the east, or via the roundabout to other directions, and for them, Peterburi Road 98 will be a convenient place where to conduct their everyday shopping and other activities,” said Samuel. “We see great potential for the development, and we are glad to carry it out together with our good partners.”


The closed net area of ​​the building, to be completed in November this year, is 3,871.5 square metres, of which Rimi will use 2,955.5 square meters to serve customers and 729 square meters will remain for sub-tenants and general-purpose areas. In addition to food and consumer goods’ seller Rimi, a pharmacy, a florist, and catering establishments will operate in the building, among others.


Hepsor Kinnisvara launched the development and construction of the building, and sold the development to Capital Mill in the initial stages of the construction work. According to Henri Laks, Board Member of Hepsor, the company develops two more properties in the same area, which will be part of the Peterburi Road business quarter. One will house a building that covers 10,000 square metres of land and is meant for trade, production and logistics, and another will be a 2,000-square-metre building that performs the same functions.


“We have been operating in the Peterburi Road business park for over a year and there has been very lively interest in the opportunities here,” said Laks. “We are creating a comprehensive operational environment here, by building both the necessary infrastructure and the street needed for traffic. Primarily, the potential customers are attracted to the great location and I believe that the area has very good potential.”


Rimi’s Internal Communication Specialist Heleri Tamme emphasized that since Rimi Hyper, or the largest format of the chain, will operate in the new centre, the range of goods will offer a lot of variety.


“We will offer a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, a large selection of meat and fish products, and organic products. People working nearby can buy hot food during lunchtime and when they go home from work, they can buy their groceries and necessary consumer goods in Rimi,” said Tamme. “Since Rimi is going to be the last store before driving away from Tallinn, we will definitely try to do everything we can to make sure our customers can pay for their goods quickly. Self-service checkouts have been very well received by our customers so far.”


Peterburi 98 Rimi store has a different interior design, with a focus on Nordic simplicity. The interior of the store is more spacious, simpler and more modern. Tamme added that, in the name of minimizing the ecological footprint, this and other Rimi hypermarkets use the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly technology, starting with refrigerators and ending with ceiling lights.


The architect of the Peterburi Road 98 commercial building is Ivo Rebane from the Guru Projekt OÜ architecture company and the main contractor of the construction of the building is Mitt & Perlebach OÜ.


The Estonian capital-based real estate development company Hepsor OÜ was created with the aim of providing new quality in both processes and results. Hepsor is the first in Estonia and the neighbouring countries to have introduced many innovative engineering solutions. Continuous development enables to offer more and more new ideas to meet the growing demands of our customers.


Capital Mill OÜ was founded in early 2008 to help investors looking to acquire commercial real estate in the Baltic countries and generate value through high-quality property management services. The founders and partners of the company comprise a team with long-standing real estate and banking experience. The company’s investment portfolio consists of a large number of sought-after business properties in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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