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Production facility developed by Capital Mill opens up new opportunities for Fenster

The production facility and office building developed by Capital Mill enables Fenster, producer company of window and facade structures, to expand production and provide better working conditions for its employees.


The new building of Fenster, which has grown into one of the most important players of the field in in Estonia, has been erected in Lagedi (Tööstuse 1), allowing good access both to Tallinn and via the Tallinn ring road to the Muuga Harbour and the major highways.

According to Capital Mill’s Partner Tanel Samuel, the building was developed in close and constructive cooperation with the customer, in order to provide a solution that would most closely meet their needs not only now but also in the coming years.

“We like tailor-made buildings, because this way we can provide a solution for the customer that will enable them to achieve exactly the goals they are striving for,” said Samuel. “Cooperation with Fenster is special for us, because up till now we have been their customers for years. For example, windows in our Promenade houses are their production.”

Fenster’s new production facility and office building has a total area of ​​4,000 square meters, of which 3,200 is earmarked for production and the rest for the offices, including working space and a showroom.

Fenster’s Manager Andrei Jepihhin pointed out that now the company can manufacture both plastic and aluminium products in one building. In addition, it enables to increase production and, together with that, the number of employees.

“When we achieve the planned production capacity, we will be able to double our volumes and be stronger both at the home market in Estonia and in export destinations Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Latvia,” said Jepihhin. “Our old production facilities have stopped operating and the appropriate equipment has already been brought to Lagedi. At the same time, we are upgrading and increasing both the number of our employees and the equipment.”

Jepihhin noted that the good location allows convenient access for workers, but also for suppliers and for the transport of finished products.

The facility was built by Tallinna Ehitustrust, whose Board Member Aigar Kristovald praised the good cooperation and constructive attitude that allowed the work to progress as planned. “The joint projects with Capital Mill are characterized by awareness and thorough planning, which allows us, as builders, to focus on the important aspect, i.e. guaranteeing the best constructional quality,” said Kristovald.

Capital Mill signed a 10-year lease agreement with Fenster; the building’s construction cost was nearly EUR 2 million.

Capital Mill OÜ was founded in early 2008 to help investors looking to acquire commercial real estate in the Baltic countries and generate value through high-quality property management services. The founders and partners of the company comprise a team with long-standing real estate and banking experience. The company’s investment portfolio consists of a large number of sought-after business properties in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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