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Laeva 2
Laeva 2, Tallinn
Land Plot
2698 m2
Year of construction
Leaving portfolio

Directional indicator – Navigator

Navigator is a new and exclusive commercial building in the heart of Tallinn, located in the new centre of the changing city. The objective is to shape Navigator into a directional indicator – a building, after which the new city centre of Tallinn will be recognised.

Location is the key to success!

Navigator is easy to find. The new commercial building is located in the city centre of Tallinn, on Ahtri Street. In the future, when Laeva Street and the section of street connecting Laeva and Ahtri streets are developed, the plot will fall within the triangle formed by the streets. Navigator will be located at an intersection of roads. All of Tallinn branches out from this exact spot!

The building is located near the port, and in the near future this area will be developed into a lively urban centre. Located in the rapidly developing surrounding area are many modern retail and commercial, as well as residential, spaces. Located in the neighbourhood are the Rotermann Quarter, Hotell Euroopa, the Foorum and Norde Centrum shopping centres, and the Reisisadam terminals. The area is developing
quickly, and in the near future many architecturally thought out commercial buildings and hotels will be added here. Navigator wants to be the guide for Tallinn’s new “city”.


Navigator will begin to reflect grandeur both in its interior and exterior. The building is architecturally graceful and distinguished, where reflective surfaces and the best materials have been used. Located at an intersection, the building is recognisable from a distance and is also memorable. The building is especially impressive when it is lit up, appearing in the evening and night-time city centre as a truly eye catching and powerful directional indicator.