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Press-release: The owners of Capital Mill bought Rappel centre in Rapla and the Maxima in Ahtme

Last week, the owners of Capital Mill – Igor Mölder, Marko Kull, Tanel Samuel, and Aleksandra Samuel bought the biggest shopping centre in Raplamaa, Rappel, from Fausto Capital, and the Maxima supermarket properties in Ahtme. The value of the transaction is around 14 million euros. ‘Adding the modern retail spaces located in Rapla and Ahtme […]

21. Jun 2022

Press release: Citadel is financing Skyon high-rise building with 30 million euros

Citadele Bank and Skyon developer Capital Mill signed a long-term financing agreement of 30 million euros. The purpose of the loan is to refinance the loan for the construction of the high-rise building Skyon and to finance other development activities of Capital Mill. The Skyon high-rise was completed in August last year and was awarded […]

3. Jun 2022

Capital Mill have pledged their support to a Nordic combined athlete Kristjan Ilves!

Capital Mill has been supporting young talented athletes for years, and we are happy to announce that we have now set out to another journey, this time with an Estonian ski athlete, Kristjan Ilves! We are lending a helping hand to Kristjan in his competition season of 2022/2023.

18. May 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Roo Prisma was ceremonially put under rafters

Today, an important milestone in the building of Roo Prisma was celebrated in Harku – the rafters. The developer of the building, Capital Mill, has set the goal of making the building environmentally friendly and its life cycle as long as possible. Prisma and Harku parish also share the same value, the latter deems it […]

11. May 2022

PRESS RELEASE: The Skyon office building was recognised with the highest international certificate

Capital Mill announced today that the Skyon office building on Maakri Street was awarded the internationally recognised LEED Platinum certificate. According to CEO Kaarel Loigu, Skyon is a leader in construction culture and quality.  The LEED certificate is an internationally recognised certification system developed by the US Green Building Council. In order to receive the […]

11. Apr 2022

PRESS RELEASE: HOMES FOR 176 FAMILIES! The construction of the Väike Taani (Little Denmark) residential area in Viimsi has begun

The residential development company Avalon will create a unique living environment for 176 families in Viimsi, Äigrumäe, who can all have a say in designing their home. The first major steps have been taken in the development of the small residential area named Väike Taani, and construction work has also begun. As of March, all […]

23. Mar 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Just a few months left to wait! Maardu Prisma celebrated installation of the rafters

Today, Maardu celebrated installation of the rafters of the Prisma family market which is being constructed. According to the developer Capital Mill, the construction works which began in the beginning of August have been successful and the people of Maardu will be able to check out the long-awaited new store as soon as this summer.   […]

3. Mar 2022

Press release: The world’s first unique virtual fair, Skyon Expo, takes place on a platform developed by Estonians

Today, on 22 February, the virtual fair Skyon Expo will start, bringing together construction companies, architects and designers involved in the construction of the Skyon building. The event will take place on the platform for organisation of virtual fairs developed by Estonians. According to Madis Laas, the founder of the virtual fair platform MultiCityTV.com, organisation […]

22. Feb 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Skyon’s first Tower Run raised 3000 euros for children with disabilities

On 15 December, real estate developer Capital Mill organised a charity tower run for the employees of Skyon’s commercial building, raising 3000 euros for the charity fund SA Lapsepuue. Each participant who made it to the top of  the 26-storey high-rise building contributed to the donation with 26 euros made by Capital Mill.  The event […]

16. Dec 2021

Construction video diary of Tiskre Prisma

It’s been 60 days since Tiskre Prisma’s grand opening, and the store is doing a great job at making everyday shopping for the locals easier and quicker. Here is a nice video of the construction proccess documenting everithing from December 2020 to October 2021.

2. Nov 2021

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