Taavi Kiisk

Construction Manager

Taavi took up the role of the Construction Manager at Capital Mill in 2018, having equipped himself with a rich pool of diverse experiences. Having started as a student trainee at NCC Ehitus AS, he soon assumed the responsibilities of a site engineer and a site manager. His track record of completed projects includes several apartment buildings, a school, a large private residence and a shopping centre. As a project manager at Bonava Eesti OÜ, he contributed to the creation of the Pärnaõue residential district. It is one of the largest residential developments in Estonia since the restoration of independence.

His first contact with Capital Mill occurred when he worked as the site manager on the construction of the Rannarootsi business centre, but it was only in 2018 when he joined the team. He did not have to wait long for his first development projects, including the Rimi shopping centre at 98 Peterburi tee.