Press release: Real estate company Capital Mill will upgrade its commercial buildings in the Baltics with an electric car charging network

Today, public charging stations for electric cars were opened at the Tiskre Prisma supermarket and the Skyon office building in central Tallinn, both managed by Capital Mill. Eleport, which develops charging infrastructure for electric cars, will provide charging stations to a total of 60 sites managed by Capital Mill. There are currently 16 under construction, 12 of which are shopping centres.

‘The installation of electric car charging stations for the shopping centres and commercial buildings managed by Capital Mill is, on the one hand, a forward-looking initiative. On the other hand, however, that future is already here – the share of electric cars in the local car fleet is steadily increasing and car manufacturers are offering more and more new electric models,’ said Tanel Samuel, Member of the Management Board of Capital Mill.  ‘As a developer, Capital Mill has followed green building standards for many years, and part of that green thinking is to provide charging infrastructure for environmentally friendly electric vehicles where people work, shop, etc.’

According to Tanel Samuel, it is becoming more and more important for customers visiting a shopping centre to find a convenient and fast charging station for their electric car, ‘Today, shopping is not just about shopping in a store, but also about providing an emotional experience for visitors. Electromobility will play an increasingly important role. The customer experience and the service we provide starts at the car park.’

According to the Country Manager Estonia of Eleport, Kaupo Eerme, the aim of Eleport is to provide a public charging service. ‘It is not feasible or rational for all electric car owners to install a charging station at home. That is why we consider it important to establish charging stations for commercial real estate and retail premises, so that owners of electric cars can conveniently use our service during their daily commutes,’ said Eerme. It is now possible to charge four cars at the same time at both the Skyon office building and the Tiskre Prisma supermarket. The next step is to open charging stations at the Raudalu Konsum supermarket.

Capital Mill is a company established in 2008, which is focused on real estate investments in the Baltic States. Its current portfolio reaches 500 million euros. Its team has many years of experience in real estate development. Capital Mill manages a number of highly regarded commercial buildings in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Eleport is a company established in 2016 that develops charging networks and related software in the Baltics and Poland. The growth of Eleport has been financed by Ambient Sound Investments, an investment firm co-invested by Gren, Bolt, Scandium Energy, and Skype, and 100 million euros will be invested in the coming years to expand the current charging network in Central and Eastern Europe. This makes Eleport one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in its sector, offering charging services from 100% renewable energy sources certified in the European Union.

Pictures from the charging station at Skyon:




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