Press release: Capital Mill held topping out ceremony of Repston’s new production facility

Yesterday, the real estate investment company Capital Mill together with Vilcon Ehitus and Repston OÜ held a topping out ceremony for their new office and production facility. Together, they are erecting a state-of-the-art building near Maardu, to be completed by the spring of the next year. The building will be equipped with custom-made furnishings and […]

11. Oct 2019

Capital Mill-managed Latvian business centre gets new owner in EUR 25 million transaction

Valdemara Centrs, a business centre on the main artery of Riga, Latvia, gained a new owner with a contract signed on September 25. Swedish company Eastnine bought the building managed by Capital Mill for 25 million euros. Capital Mill, the leading Estonian real estate investment company, has been managing Valdemara Centrs since 2013. During this […]

25. Sep 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Repston OÜ’s new production facility near Tallinn was laid a cornerstone

Repston OÜ, a metalwork and custom-made furniture production company, is building a new production facility brimming with cutting-edge technology in the Liivamäe village near Tallinn, in order to meet the growing demand of international customers. The cornerstone of the new building was laid yesterday. The industrial and office building developed by Capital Mill will be […]

5. Jul 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Capital Mill is aiming for a change of mindset with eco-friendly office building

Capital Mill’s environment-friendly office building by the Järvevana Road in Tallinn has a potential of becoming a trendsetter for working environments away from the city centre hustle and bustle, offering a number of eco-friendly solutions.

24. Jan 2019

Maakri Street’s new skyscraper Skyon received building permit

Skyon, a skyscraper with outstanding architecture at Maakri Street in the heart of Tallinn, developed by Capital Mill, has been issued a building permit. The construction process, that will last for two years, will begin in the first quarter of this year.

15. Jan 2019

Construction of the Easternmost hypermarket in Tallinn completed

The Rimi Hypermarket, erected at the Peterburi Road and Lagedi Road intersection on the border of Tallinn, makes the lives of the people departing from the capital city in the Eastern direction easier, by allowing them to do their shopping when they leave the buzz of the city. The developer of the commercial building at […]

14. Nov 2018

Press release: Rare objects dating back to pre-Great Northern War era (1700-1721) were discovered in the site of future skyscraper Skyon in Maakri Street

Capital Mill is developing the skyscraper Skyon in Maakri Street, Tallinn, and archaeological excavations are currently under way at the site. Over the past couple of weeks, rare coins, buckles and rings have been found, as well as a cannon ball and a unique piece of glazed stove tile.

4. Oct 2018

Press release: Capital Mill is the best logistics and industrial sector real estate developer in Estonia

Capital Mill, a leading property investment company in Estonia, won the first place in the logistics and industrial sector category of the Real Estate Survey compiled by the prestigious economic and investment magazine Euromoney. Over the past year, Capital Mill has completed or will soon complete several important projects in this sector. For example, the […]

1. Oct 2018

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