Extreme wreath-cutting! SKYON has reached its final height of 95 metres

The SKYON commercial building, located on Maakri Street and being developed by Capital Mill, has reached its maximum height: 26 storeys and 95 metres. A total of 80 per cent of the space available for lease is currently occupied, and several companies providing IT, legal and financial services will be moving into the newly completed building next summer.

The 95-metre high office building gives a new look to the silhouette of Tallinn. However, the most striking difference setting the skyscraper apart from the rest of the cityscape is its unique in the Baltics coloured glass façade, which will consist of 898 coloured elements when completed. Today, façade installation has reached the 17th floor.

According to Silver Neemelo, Construction Manager at Capital Mill, the maximum height has been reached, but the work continues at full swing. ‘The level roof surface has been cast and roofing insulation works are set to begin. Half of the building is also covered by façade, and internal work – installation of the heating, cooling, and electrical systems – is already underway within this area. Construction work on the entire building will be completed in the middle of summer, when the first tenants will be able to move in’, he explained.

Neemelo said that the companies looking to move into SKYON are those mainly interested in being located in downtown Tallinn. As well as companies that want to offer their employees a more unique working environment, whose clients are located downtown, and for whom a high-quality indoor climate is important.

‘Companies from the areas of IT, finance, law and different types of consulting are the primary occupants. At the same time, the commercial building also offers excellent solutions for smaller businesses, for whom the option of furniture and other essentials necessary for work are immediately available upon moving in. The view from the upper floors of SKYON and beautiful office space in the City Centre are often something that small businesses cannot afford; however, in the case of SKYON, it is now possible’, he said.

More than meets the eye 

Because SKYON is being built in accordance with one of the most well-known environmentally friendly green building certification systems (LEED), a number of smart technological solutions have been used to help make it a sustainable and environmentally friendly building. For example, during the warm summer months, the building uses cool night air for pre-cooling, and when employees are at home, the amount of energy used for ventilation, cooling and heating is reduced. All technical systems are remotely controlled.

The skyscraper was designed by domestically and internationally recognised KOKO architects, who have, for example, served as the designers of the Estonian pavilion at EXPO 2000, among other outstanding structures. SKYON is characterized by windows of different shapes, sizes and layouts, which give both the exterior and the interior a unique look. In the dark, however, the LED light strips being installed between the façade elements create an effective image. Careful planning and the façade elements take into account the distribution of light throughout the day, protecting those inside from excessive sunlight, while at the same time allowing occupants to enjoy the view of the city.

The total leased premises within the building covers 8400 m2 and the sizes of the smallest offices start from 34 m2. Offices are equipped with all of the necessary amenities and functionalities: room for 4 workstations and a meeting area for 4 people, a toilet; with it also being possible to rent an office with kitchen furniture. Parking spaces, rooms for bicycles, toilets and showers are located on the underground floors. The entrance to the building will be an 11.5 metre high formal lobby, which will extend through three floors.

Construction of SKYON began in February 2019 and the building will be completed by summer 2021. The company is currently working on several other important commercial building projects, such as a shopping centre, in Harku Rural Municipality, and an office building, called UNUM, in Vilnius

Capital Mill OÜ was founded in early 2008, to help investors looking to acquire commercial real estate in the Baltic Republics and generate value through high-quality property management services. The founders and partners of the company comprise a team with long-standing real estate and banking experience. Capital Mill manages a large number of highly regarded commercial buildings in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Development website:  www.skyon.eu


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