Andrea Nastaj

Head of Compliance

Being born and brought up in Switzerland, a country with four official state languages, Andrea is by default, a quick learner and has remarkable ability to adapt to and become a part of a new environment wherever he goes.

A graduate of the University of St. Gallen, Andrea holds a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration and a Master´s degree in Finance and Accounting. His subsequent career took him to Geneva, Lugano and Zurich where he worked as private banking relationship manager and built his international network. Andrea has extensive experience in fields such as Compliance and Finance – i.e. direct work and interaction with compliance and risks departments when onboarding new clients and reviewing existing clients, constantly following the developments and changes in guidelines, rule, and legal requirements in the financial sector as well as working with various financial products.

At Capital Mill, Andrea is responsible for compliance with a particular focus on AML, but he also develops relations with external service providers and investors.
Andrea lives by his personal motto: „There is a measure in all things“. He is a man of many interests, such as History, Psychology, Biology, Medicine and Gardening among others.