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PRESS RELEASE: 75 percent of Skyon, Maakri’s future skyscraper, has been leased

In the summer of 2021, Skyon the 95-metre-tall skyscraper boasting impressive architecture will rise above Maakri Street, with one quarter of the space within still available.

Construction of the commercial building being developed by Capital Mill began in February 2019. Today, the stage has been reached where the building has begun rising towards the clouds, with a cheeky preview of a glass façade that is unique within the Baltics: namely, once completed, the 26 floors of the unique building will be surrounded by 898 coloured elements. In addition, the building’s symbolic cornerstone was recently laid.

According to Silver Neemelo, Construction Manager at Capital Mill, the project is on schedule, despite the unexpected spring developments. The occupancy of the building also gives reason to rejoice. ‘We have focused part of the building on small spaces, understanding that there is a shortage of these in downtown Tallinn. At the current stage of construction, where the building is just beginning to rise, 75 percent of the space within has already been covered by contracts, with negotiations underway for the remaining space. The number of interested parties has also been nothing to complain about. Those interested in large spaces need to hurry, to ensure that they find a solution that meets their specific needs’, he noted.

Because Skyon is being built according to one of the most well-known environmentally friendly construction rating systems (LEED), a number of smart technological solutions have been used to help make it a sustainable and environmentally friendly building. For example, during the warm summer months, the building uses cool night air for pre-cooling, and when employees are at home, the amount of energy used for ventilation, cooling and heating is reduced. All technical systems are remotely controlled.

Artjom Sokolov, representative of SEB Bank, which financed the construction of the building, said that SEB is pleased to contribute to a cleaner environment. ‘We can see from our business clients that the carbon footprint left by companies is becoming an increasingly important factor for every company. Being a near-zero energy building, Skyon offers a modern and energy-efficient work environment that also allows commercial lessees to meet their carbon footprint goals’.

The skyscraper was designed by domestically and internationally renowned KOKO architects, who have, for example, served as the designers of the EXPO 2000 Estonian pavilion, among other outstanding facilities. Skyon is characterized by windows of different shapes, sizes and layouts, which give both the exterior and the interior a unique look. In the dark, however, the LED light strips installed between the façade elements create an effective image. Careful planning and façade elements take into account the distribution of light throughout the day, protecting those inside from excessive sunlight, while at the same time allowing occupants to enjoy a view of the city.

Total leased premises within the building cover 8400 m2 and the sizes of the smallest offices start from 34 m2. Offices are fully furnished with all of the necessary amenities and functionalities: room for 4 workstations and a meeting area for 4 people, a toilet, and the possibility to rent an office with kitchen furniture. Parking spaces, rooms for bicycles, toilets and showers are located on the underground floors. An 11.5-metre-high formal lobby, extending through three floors, will serve as the entrance to the building.

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Silver Neemelo

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Capital Mill OÜ


Prisma will be the main store of the new shopping center in Tiskre

In September, the company Capital Mill, which focuses on real estate investments, will start building a new shopping center in the Tiskre residential area of ​​Harku municipality. The one-storey shopping center, which will cover almost 4,800 square meters, will be completed in autumn 2021. As the anchor tenant of the center, Prisma Peremarket will operate on an area of ​​3,600 square meters.

According to Tanel Samuel, a representative of Capital Mill, the total investment for the construction of the center is nearly 4.5 million euros.

“A petrol station will be built next to the center, and the 2 vacant plots next to it are ideal for creating a garden center, for example,” Samuel noted.

According to Ilkka Alarotu, CEO of Prisma Peremarket, the opening of a new supermarket in Tiskre is part of Prisma’s expansion plans for the coming years in Estonia. In total, Prisma plans to open more than ten new stores in the near future.

“With the establishment of a new store, Prisma offer jobs to both builders and people who will work there. In the coming years, Prisma has ambitious plans to increase the number of stores as well as to offer new products and trading solutions to customers. As we mainly expand outside large cities, we can also contribute to Estonia’s regional development, “Alarotu noted.

The new Prisma will operate in Tiskre at Liiva tee 61. A ring road will be built in front of the center, which will be built in cooperation with Harku municipality and the Road Administration.

Capital Mill is a company founded in 2008 that focuses on investing in commercial buildings in the Baltic States. During the years of operation of the company, a total investment of almost 300 million euros has been made.

Prisma Peremarket AS has been operating in Estonia since 2000. The chain has a total of nine stores in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva, which together with the support unit offer work for almost 900 people. Prisma is a store chain in Estonia with the widest selection and one of the cheapest shopping carts. Prisma Peremarket belongs to the trade group S-Grupp, which operates in the Finnish, Estonian and Russian markets.


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Ivo Rull

Communications Manager

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The first stage of façade installation is under way!

There is excitement in the air on our Skyon construction site as some of the most intriguing glass façades in the city is taking shape and growing each day. The façade of our new office building will span over 4000 m sq. The façade is being mounted using the system of fastening elements, 898 elements in total.

Video: Skyon update

Have a look at what Capital Mill’s construction manager, Silver Neemelo, has to say about the latest developments:

Skyon is reaching the height!

We are pleased to announce that Skyon office building has reached the height of 4 storeys and would like to welcome everyone to discover the daily progress made at the construction site. At the current stage, walls are being filled with concrete, which means that the emergence of the building’s façade is a question of the next few months.

You can see what our new office building has to offer here:

Construction project of a new production and office building, commissioned by Repston OÜ, heads into the homestretch

It was only last year that Repston OÜ (specializing in making bespoke furniture and manufacturing of metal and steel elements) commissioned Capital Mill to develop a project of a new production and office building just outside Tallinn, in Liivamäe. As the founder and CEO of Repston OÜ has mentioned previously, the Repston trademark are complex and elegant quality wooden and metal elements of interior. The new production premises are a huge step forward for the company as they allow for a great opportunity to employ the latest leading technology in the field.

We are happy to announce that production equipment is being installed, set up checked at the moment. The last finishing touches are also about to be completed. The building is to be handed over in May 2020.

End of Co-operation Notification

The co-operation between Capital Mill and the subsidiary of the Liechtenstein entity Estmak Capital Aktiengesellschaft, namely Lasnamäe Tervisemaja OÜ in terms of real estate management has come to an end. Capital Mill would like to thank their partners for the collaboration.

Press release: Capital Mill held topping out ceremony of Repston’s new production facility

Yesterday, the real estate investment company Capital Mill together with Vilcon Ehitus and Repston OÜ held a topping out ceremony for their new office and production facility. Together, they are erecting a state-of-the-art building near Maardu, to be completed by the spring of the next year. The building will be equipped with custom-made furnishings and in addition, there are plans to build a solar power station on the roof.

Vilcon Ehitus OÜ will build the new office and production facility. Indrek Saar, Manager of the Vilcon Ehitus OÜ said that the construction has proceeded very nicely so far: “We have tried to be as flexible as possible and keep in mind the needs of the client. At this point I would like to thank the client because the cooperation has been extremely friendly and reasonable, which has made everything very smooth.”

The user of the factory will be the company named Repston OÜ, which manufactures special metal construction solutions. “Repston’s main goal is to produce custom-made metalwork in the new facility. Currently, the company plans to produce a variety of metal parts for furniture, such as custom-made stair railings and other interior fittings,” said Taavi Kiisk, Construction Manager at Capital Mill.

Although the construction of the building will be completed as early as by February 2020, it is still necessary to install the equipment needed for metalwork. “Since Repston uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies, it takes extra time to install it all after the construction is finished. Therefore, the facility will be fully completed in the spring of 2020,” Kiisk noted.

Repston OÜ has invested a considerable amount of time and money into the building. According to Kiisk, it only looks like a traditional production building. “What makes it special is that the building will also house office facilities, which will have custom-made furnishings. In addition, the facade will be covered in weathering steel.” This was also confirmed by Indrek Saar, who said that the factory will be flashy and modern. “The building will be equipped with very modern technology and furnishings. In addition to the facade, we also plan to make the lighting very prominent.”

Various future plans have already been devised for the new building. “One idea is to build a solar power station on the roof. This would save the company a considerable amount of money because the solar power station will help reduce costs,” said Kiisk.

The traditional topping out ceremony at the new factory near Maardu took place yesterday afternoon; the architect connected to the building Anders Jaano, Capital Mill, Vilcon Construction and Repston representatives were invited.

Repston is engaged in the production of metal interior fittings, commercial furnishings, staircase guard rails, chandeliers and lighting fixtures, and metalwork. Repston has cooperated with international hotel chains Hilton, Radisson, Sokos, Scandic, and Ibis, as well as with clothing brands such as Levis, G-Star Raw.

Capital Mill OÜ was founded in early 2008 to help investors looking to acquire commercial real estate in the Baltic countries and increase their value through high-quality property management services. Capital Mill’s investment portfolio consists of a large number of sought-after business properties in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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Capital Mill OÜ


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Capital Mill-managed Latvian business centre gets new owner in EUR 25 million transaction

Valdemara Centrs, a business centre on the main artery of Riga, Latvia, gained a new owner with a contract signed on September 25. Swedish company Eastnine bought the building managed by Capital Mill for 25 million euros.

Capital Mill, the leading Estonian real estate investment company, has been managing Valdemara Centrs since 2013. During this time, many investments have been made to improve the quality of the building, such as the complete replacement of the building’s automation and improved energy efficiency. As a result, the value of the building increased and the business premises of the building were filled with tenants.

Capital Mill’s partner Marko Kull said that given the value of the building today, the steps taken to improve its quality have clearly been successful. “We have been able to significantly increase the value of the building during the time it has been managed by Capital Mill, so today’s transaction is a great acknowledgement of our work. The building’s owners now have a good opportunity to realize the revenue and invest it in new projects,” he noted.

According to Kull, he is especially pleased to see that Eastnine, which has long-term experiences in the field, has become the new owner of the building. “Eastnine chooses their investments extremely carefully. We are very pleased that the new owner of the building will be a good and experienced company with a strong reach in the field, and the skills to manage and develop the business centre further,” he said.

Valdemara Centrs is one of the first modern business centres in Riga. The business centre in the Old Town has a total floor area of 8,500m² and more than ten international tenants operate there, including Rimi, Workland, Colliers, Oracle, Sorainen, PwC. The sales transaction of the centre was assisted by real estate brokerage firm Newsec and by law office FORT Legal.

Capital Mill OÜ was founded in early 2008 to help investors looking to acquire commercial real estate in the Baltic countries and increase their value through high-quality property management services. The founders and partners of the company comprise a team with long-standing real estate and banking experience. Capital Mill’s investment portfolio consists of a large number of sought-after business properties in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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