Press release: Capital Mill held the rafter party of the Laaneserva residential area in Viimsi

On Thursday, the rafter party was held in the Laaneserva residential area developed by Capital Mill in Haabneeme Village, Viimsi. By the end of the summer of 2024, thirty-six new homes will be built in the secluded area with beautiful nature.

‘The construction works of the Laaneserva residential area have hit the ground running – excavation works started this July and we have now reached the point of being able to remove the rafter wreath from the first building, said Kaarel Loigu, executive manager of Capital Mill. ‘We would like to thank the NOBE construction company for their good work, as well as the first buyers of the new homes. He are glad that the benefits offered by this beautiful natural area is appreciated by home-buyers and they value the sustainable and high-quality construction solutions in these A energy class row houses. This development project does not merely involve construction of buildings, but also contributes to the creation of a healthy micro-environment which promotes the community.’

‘We believe in the potential of this area, which is why we chose those locations for new green developments. Now is the best time for buying a new home, as only of few of such development projects are currently added to the market and the increase in the value added tax next year will also have an impact on property prices,’ admitted Kaarel Loigu.

Privacy was especially prioritised in choosing the locations of the houses of the Laaneserva development, as the L-shaped buildings help to create a cosy and quiet courtyard with a playground, where children of all ages will find plenty to do. Based on this principle, the terraces are also facing away from one another, allowing the future home-owners to spend time on their own and with their families as privately as possible. The architectural solution of the buildings was created by the AB Panda architecture bureau.

In May, the NOBE construction company concluded a contract for the construction of four row houses with companies managed by Capital Mill. In total, thirty-six apartments will be built at the addresses of 6 Laaneserva tee, 5 Laanelinnu tee, 8 Laaneserva tee, and 7 Laanelinnu tee in the Viimsi rural municipality. Ten million euros before value added tax is invested in the project.

In the field of residential property development, Capital Mill is also involved in the development projects at 13 Luise St. and 17 Jakobi St.

Capital Mill is a company established in 2008, which is focused on property investments in the Baltic States. Its current portfolio reaches 500 million euros. The team of the company has many years of experience in the field of property development. Capital Mill manages a number of highly regarded properties in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.



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