Press release: Charity stair race at Skyon raised 3,874 euros for children

On Thursday, a charity stair run was held in the 26-storey Skyon office building, raising donations of nearly 3,874 euros for the My Dream Day foundation. Wrestler Heiki Nabi also participated in the stair race.

The Skyon star race, organised for the third consecutive year by Capital Mill, brought together 149 people for a sporting challenge as well as a pre-Christmas charity event. Participants could choose between walking and running, but only the fastest one to reach the top won the challenge.

Capital Mill donated 26 euros for every participant for every 26 floors of Skyon to the charity My Dream Day, which makes the dreams of seriously and chronically ill children come true. A total of 3,874 euros was raised in donations.

‘The donation of Skyon to the My Dreams Dream Foundation will help bring joy to the most vulnerable target group of society – seriously ill children. Our foundation makes the dreams of seriously or chronically ill children come true to provide emotional support to children and their families, which is an important part of the whole treatment process,’ said Margarita Ingel, CEO of the My Dream Day Foundation. ‘Sadly, the number of seriously ill children has not decreased over the years. Fortunately, with each passing year, the number of dream days we have been able to offer to these children has increased.’

According to Margarita Ingel, this also helps to grow the community which includes the target children, their families, and partner associations. In addition to personalised dream days, the foundation organises family days where families with similar experiences can get to know each other, spend quality time together, and gain essential support and contacts. ‘We are sincerely grateful for this important donation and cooperation: the charity stair race last year meant that we were able to organise two dream days and the Winter Family Day this year with the participation of children, families, and associations of our target group,’ she added.

This year, two-time world Greco-Roman wrestling champion Heiki Nabi also took part in the Skyon charity stair race. ‘It was definitely a challenge,’ the athlete admitted. ‘I have never taken part in a stair race before, but I really enjoyed it, especially because the aim was charitable – to support the My Dream Day Foundation. I invite others to take part in the stair race next year as well.’

The winner of this year’s stair race was Sander Kaur, who is a professional stair runner with a time of 2.04.

To reach the top, 545 steps had to be climbed over 26 floors. Kaarel Loigu, CEO of Capital Mill, who also completed the race, said that the charity stair race has now become a beautiful tradition, which is popular both among people working in high-rise buildings and others – evidenced by the participation of professional stair runners this year. ‘It does not matter how fast you get to the last floor of Skyon – each participant is doing a small gesture of kindness by this participating. This time, for example, there was a participant who climbed the stairs ten times,’ he said.

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