PRESS RELEASE: Just a few months left to wait! Maardu Prisma celebrated installation of the rafters

Today, Maardu celebrated installation of the rafters of the Prisma family market which is being constructed. According to the developer Capital Mill, the construction works which began in the beginning of August have been successful and the people of Maardu will be able to check out the long-awaited new store as soon as this summer.  

‘A lot has been done, but there is still some construction work left to do. Indoor works are currently being performed in the building, the box of the building is ready and the floors have been cast,’ said Silver Neemelo, construction manager of Capital Mill to describe the current situation of the building. According to Neemelo, the people of the town are eagerly waiting the opening of the new store. ‘The new store will be in a very good location in the heart of the town and will be conveniently accessible on foot as well as by car,’ he said. 

The building, which will cost almost €4.5 million, has been designed as an A-energy-class building which only uses LED lights and where the residual heat from the technical building systems will be redirected into heating the building. The cooling of the store will be CO2-based in order to avoid harmful gases emission, and there will also be an electric car charging station next to the Prisma store. ‘We are also applying for the LEED certificate for the building. It is granted to buildings which are built in an environment-friendly manner and this is what we are striving for,’ added Neemelo.  

The two-storey Maardu Prisma store is located at 43 Keemikute tee and there are several families living in the immediate vicinity, thus, completion of the construction works is good news for the locals. ‘A new shopping centre in Maardu is very welcome as it will create a certain competition between the existing centres, diversify the selection of goods, and offer new possibilities of enjoyable shopping for local residents. The arrival of Prisma in Maardu is also a sign of the determined development of the town,’ said Vladimir Arhipov, Mayor of Maardu. 

In addition to the benefits arising from the new family market, twenty-five new jobs will also be created in Maardu. According to Prisma, the job ads have already been posted to be ready for the summer in a good time. ‘The recruitment process is ongoing and some of the positions have already been filled,’ stated Teemu Kilpiä, country director at Prima Peremarket in Estonia, who said that the company is welcoming the locals to apply. 

Maardu Prisma will be a modern supermarket-type store which is mainly focussed on everyday food products and necessities. ‘We are very happy to be able to bring to the customers in Maardu our permanently affordable offers by opening the store. The new store will include a Food Market area with a wide selection of meat and fish, as well as fresh ready-made products. There will be salad and coffee counters, a juice press for fresh juice, and a Fazer bakery. Naturally, there will also be self-service scanners’, added Kilpiä. The wishes of the locals will be taken into consideration in shaping the selection of the Maardu store. Anyone can express their wishes on the website of Prisma.  

The surface area of the plot of the constructed store is 8,353 m2, including 2,346 m2 of rental premises. The architectural design of the building was drawn up by Arhitekt Tarbe OÜ.  

Capital Mill is a company established in 2008 which is focussed on investment in business buildings in the Baltic states. The total value of the investments made in the years of operation of the company amounts to almost 400 million euros.

Prisma Peremarket AS has been operating in Estonia since 2000. The chain has eleven stores in Estonia which, along with the support unit, employ nearly 900 people. Prisma is a store chain of the widest selection and most affordable basket in Estonia; ePrisma is an online store with the widest selection. Prisma Peremarket is included in the S-Grupp retailing group which is operating in the Finnish, Estonian, and Russian markets. 


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