PRESS RELEASE: HOMES FOR 176 FAMILIES! The construction of the Väike Taani (Little Denmark) residential area in Viimsi has begun

The residential development company Avalon will create a unique living environment for 176 families in Viimsi, Äigrumäe, who can all have a say in designing their home. The first major steps have been taken in the development of the small residential area named Väike Taani, and construction work has also begun.

As of March, all necessary building permits have been obtained and a road construction contract has been signed for the construction of an access road to be completed in August. In parallel with these activities, the design of buildings and infrastructure is also underway, with plans to be completed in the spring. Building permits for the first buildings are also being applied for to begin building the foundation as early as the autumn. ‘Although the situation is difficult on many fronts at the moment, everything has gone in accordance with the plan. Excavation work is not yet underway, but the preparations have begun,’ commented Ahti Kiili, CEO of Avalon.

In December, the Väike Taani residential area was still in the project phase and houses were pre-sold. Now, however, the registration of public interest on the landing page has also started and the sales materials have been completed. ‘I am very happy to see how interested the future homeowners are in the project. We hope that interest will stay high during the construction work,‘ said Kiili.

The development of the Väike Taani residential area differs from the others in terms of its innovative concept and, according to the CEO of the company, will hopefully be the basis for new standards. While many developers have practised standard solutions so far, Avalon believes that a person’s home is a reflection of themselves and that the developer cannot decide everything for the homeowner. ‘The development sector is changing rapidly and companies must keep pace and be flexible in order to operate effectively. We want future homeowners to have the opportunity to participate in the process, because just as people are different, so are their needs and preferences when choosing a place to live,’ said Kiili.

The new residential area will consist of 101 private houses, 29 terraced houses, 46 apartments, a kindergarten, sports and recreation areas, and everything else that a family needs. The first buildings will be completed in the summer of 2023. The residential area is well suited for people who like to be close to the city, but want to live in a somewhat quieter area. The residential area on the city border offers the opportunity to live in the middle of nature, and the health trails of Soosepa bog and Pirita are only a few kilometres away from the residential area. The area to be developed will also have convenient public transport connection.

The authors of the architectural solution of the buildings are Signe Kits, Martin Lepplaan, Märt Maripuu, Ove Oot, and Silver Soe from the Apex Project Bureau.

Avalon has been enriching the cityscape and improving the quality of life since 2016. Today, more than 500 new homes are being developed in addition to the previously completed houses. You can read more about our work and people here:

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