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Press release: The large-scale water and sports centre to be built in Lasnamäe will be named Triton

In order to find a dignified name for the water and sports centre to be built on Varraku Street in Lasnamäe, the developer Capital Mill and the City of Tallinn organised a public name competition in which 1,500 names were submitted. As a result of the competition, the centre will be named Triton.

The water and sports centre, which will be completed in Lasnamäe in 2024, will have, in addition to an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a water and sauna centre, a universal ball court, accommodation, aerobics halls, and gyms. The spatial programme of the proposed building focuses on sports activities – for example, a 50-metre pool meeting the Olympic standards and a grandstand with 400 seats will be completed.

The purpose of organising the public name competition was to find a memorable and short name for the water and sports centre that would suit its activities and be the basis for the brand of the centre. The name Triton was chosen for the first place, which was submitted twice (authors Merike Turja and Anneli Orgusaar), La Vee (author Triin Künnapas) for the second place, and Helios (Keiu Silm) for the third place.

According to Tanel Samuel, Development Manager of Capital Mill, the name competition was successful beyond expectations. ‘The nearly 1,500 names submitted show that people care about their home area and are ready to contribute to its success. The water and sports centre, which is suitable for enthusiasts as well as top athletes, will be a modern centre for sports lovers, which will significantly enrich the opportunities for active leisure in the region,’ he said.

According to Tanel Samuel, Triton was the son of Poseidon and the Amphitrites, the prince of the seas from ancient Greek mythology. In addition, ‘TRI’ stands for three in Greek and Latin, just as the new centre will cover three areas: swimming, ball games, and entertainment.

The top three and the winner of the competition were determined by the jury, which included two representatives of the developer Capital Mill OÜ and a representative of the Tallinn City Property Department and the Lasnamäe District Government. The competition was sponsored by Mustamäe Elamus Spa, the official importer of Arena swimming equipment Proswim, and the city of Tallinn.

‘The establishment of the Lasnamäe Water and Sports Centre is a step expected by the locals, which will significantly diversify and improve the opportunities of leisure and sports in Lasnamäe and bring international competitions to our district. I am extremely pleased that the Triton water and sports centre, which will be built next to Tondiraba Ice Hall and Tondiraba Park, will become the new attraction of Lasnamäe,’ said Vladimir Svet, the city district elder of Lasnamäe.

Construction of Triton will begin in September 2022. In addition to the 50-metre pool, the centre will also have a 25-metre heated pool. A sports hall with two courts and service rooms, sports club rooms, and a water and sauna centre with the necessary service rooms will be built next to the swimming pool. Next to the water and sports centre, at Varraku 14b, there will be a public car park serving the swimming pool and the whole quarter.

The water and sports centre to be built next to the Tondiraba Ice Hall is based on a concession agreement, on the basis of which the city entered into a building rights agreement with Capital Mill OÜ.

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