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Press-release: A birthday party at Tornimäe! Daniel Levi, Henrik Kalmet, and Kristjan Järvi got the crowd going

For the Skyon skyscraper’s first birthday, a lively yard party took place, offering delightful music, delicious food and most importantly – fun and food for thought. The crowd gathered at Tornimäe was entertained by several well-known performers.

The renowned conductor and composer Kristjan Järvi and Henrik Kalmet shared inspiring thoughts on executive work. ‘How to inspire through leadership? It is easy to complain and not bother – it pays to be the role model who goes, does, and takes risks. Creating a team atmosphere, share laughter and positive energy – this is something everyone wants to be part of,’ said Järvi.

The CEO Capital Mill, the building’s developer, Kaarel Loigu joined the company briefly before the opening of the building, which is why the birthday is an even more important event for him. ‘You could say that I found myself in the epicentre immediately when I joined the company – exciting times were ahead for both me and my colleagues in connection with my new position and the opening of the building. In my eyes, Skyon is definitely one of the flagships in real-estate development, and I believe I am speaking for everyone working in the building when I say that we are proud of the green solutions that have been implemented. Environmentally friendly standards also helped us get closer to the LEED Platinum certificate we were able to hang on our wall in April,’ said Loigu.

Daniel Levi trio and DJ Fieldz took care of the music, setting the mood in the courtyard in the heart of the city. Anyone who wanted, received the opportunity to participate in the house tour and see what has been done with the building from an environmental point of view. Food trucks provided delicious food for all guests.

Capital Mill OÜ was founded in early 2008 to help investors looking to acquire commercial real estate in Baltic countries and generate value through high-quality property management services. The founders and partners of the company comprise a team with long-standing real-estate and banking experience. Capital Mill manages are numerous highly valued commercial buildings in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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