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PRESS RELEASE: Skyon’s first Tower Run raised 3000 euros for children with disabilities

On 15 December, real estate developer Capital Mill organised a charity tower run for the employees of Skyon’s commercial building, raising 3000 euros for the charity fund SA Lapsepuue.

Each participant who made it to the top of  the 26-storey high-rise building contributed to the donation with 26 euros made by Capital Mill.  The event was attended by over a hundred participants and the winner of the run was Alari Verev from Coop Pank, who will also take an engraved cup to their office.

Sirli Jassov, head of the foundation Lapsepuue, said: “It makes me happy that companies are also contributing to smaller charities that are helping those in need. There are more than 2500 children with physical disabilities in Estonia. Many of them regularly need various therapies, which are not covered by the national healthcare system. Capital Mill’s donation will help a number of kids who are waiting for treatment – for example, right this moment three children currently need osteopathy treatment.”

“I’m delighted that the Skyon Tower Run turned out so popular and that the staff of our building contributed with participating in an event for a good cause and, of course, competing with their “office neighbours”.  We want to make the Tower Run a great tradition to raise money for a good cause, while also building a community among Skyon tenants,” said Kaarel Loigu, CEO of Capital Mill. He added that it’s also important to remind people working in Skyon that the modern building has everything they need for sport or light daily exercise, from changing rooms and washrooms to automatic timing systems and basic gym equipment.

Coop Pank, the anchor tenant of Skyon took part of the run with a large team. Margus Rink, chairman of the board of Coop Pank said that active lifestyle is a natural part of a coopbankers’ everyday life. “While on a normal working day we move up and down the stairs on the first ten floors of the building within our premises, then this time there was more of a  challenge. But more important than the sporting effort was the good cause of this event and raising funds to help children.”

According to Miko-Ove Niinemäe, Member of the Management Board of real estate company Arco Vara, also a tenant of the Skyon high-rise, the building is a good example of modern architecture combined with smart solutions for office workers. “Hopefully, Skyon will serve as an inspiration to other real estate developers on how all parts of the building can be used in a multifunctional way. We also welcome Capital Mill’s initiative to organise this kind of joint event, as it will help those in need and give the building’s ‘inhabitants’ a chance to get to know each other.”

SA Lapsepuue

The foundation Lapsepuue helps children with reduced mobility to move. In the seven years of its existence, the Foundation has helped 47 children and 30 families, many of whom have been helped repeatedly. Donations can be made to the foundation by phone 9006425 (5EUR) or to SEB bank account EE031010220201939229 (beneficiary: SA Lapsepuue). You can also help the foundation by buying charity Christmas cards with children’s drawings or by becoming a permanent donor or partner. Any requests for cooperation are welcome to Sirli Jassov (



Skyon is a 95-metre high commercial building in the center of Tallinn’s business district. With its 26 floors, 8400 m2 of floor space, 2 terraces, 4 high-speed lifts and a public reception area, Skyon is an environmentally friendly building built according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. 

Skyon is designed to facilitate movement. The two underground floors of the building have showers and bicycle storage facilities, allowing you to cycle to work. Skyon ladders help employees to maintain the habit of daily exercise. For instance, you can walk from the -2nd to the 26th floor, taking advantage of the automatic timing system. Special signs also provide additional motivation for walking.