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PRESS RELEASE: Roo Prisma was ceremonially put under rafters

Today, an important milestone in the building of Roo Prisma was celebrated in Harku – the rafters. The developer of the building, Capital Mill, has set the goal of making the building environmentally friendly and its life cycle as long as possible. Prisma and Harku parish also share the same value, the latter deems it important for future development projects as well. 

The Roo Prisma construction work began in August 2021, and the building will be ready this autumn. “The location of the Roo Street is logistically very favourable as well as human-friendly, since the centre will have good connections to both cycle and roadways. Paldiski Road and Järvekalda Road will be in the centre’s immediate vicinity, thanks to which more visitors will find their way to the centre,” said Silver Neemelo, Construction Manager at Capital Mill, the building’s developer. 

The total volume of investment in the new store is approximately six million euros. The building is designed as an energy class A building and other environment-related aspects have been accounted for as well. The store is cooled by a refrigerant that does not damage the ozone layer, and the ventilation systems use the principle of heat recovery, which helps to save energy. Solar panels are planned for the roof of the building, and the centre’s parking lot will be built ready for electric car charging stations. 

According to the parish mayor, Harku parish values sustainable solutions. “In the case of new development projects, we ask the developers to design electric car charging stations near stores already today, since it helps reduce the ecological footprint. It is great that with today’s electricity prices, which probably will not go down in the future, the developers themselves are looking for energy-efficient solutions to help minimize fixed costs,” said Harku parish mayor Erik Sandla. 

With the opening of Roo Prisma, Prisma Peremarket will create over 20 new jobs in Harku, which also supports the community’s development. “Recruiting has already begun and people are welcome to contact us,” said Prisma Estonia’s Country Manager Teemu Kilpiä. “Opening the Roo Prisma store in the Harkujärve district is very welcome since it is a rapidly developing district. Roughly 400 residential units are planned there, of which a little over a hundred have been built today. We would also be glad, of course, if the people of our own parish could get a job there, close to home,” the parish mayor added. 

The new centre will be built in a developing area near Lake Harku, and the total area will be 3300 m2. In terms of product selection and preferences, Prisma will take into account the local people’s wishes. “All customers have the opportunity to voice their opinion on what Roo Prisma’s product selection should include on the Prisma website. We want to offer the best everyday shopping environment in terms of product selection, quality, as well as price,” Kilpiä emphasized. 

Capital Mill was founded in 2008, focused on investments in business buildings located in the Baltic states. Altogether during its years of activity, the company has made investments with a total value of nearly 400 million euros. 

Prisma Peremarket AS has been operating in Estonia since 2000. Across Estonia, the chain has eleven stores that, along with support units, employ nearly 900 people. Prisma is the store chain with the broadest selection and the most affordable shopping basket in Estonia, ePrisma has is the online store with the largest selection in Estonia. Prisma Peremarket is a member of the commercial group S-Group operating on the Finnish and Estonian markets. 


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