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TalTech scholarship competition: Kaarel Loigu presented the Capital Mill scholarship to Daniel Tootsman!

Daniel Tootsman, who studies building design and construction management, earned the Capital Mill scholarship at TalTech’s spring scholarship competition! Capital Mill awarded the scholarship in the field of construction and planning within the Faculty of Engineering for the second year in a row.

“Daniel stood out because his vision of the development trends for buildings and structures over the next 15 years largely aligns with our vision. During his studies, he has also shown dedication and ambition, which he will undoubtedly bring with him when he enters the sector,” explains Capital Mill’s CEO Kaarel Loigu, why Daniel was chosen.
“Daniel also expressed a desire to do a design internship with us if possible,” envisions Kaarel potential closer cooperation with Daniel in the future.

Applicants for the scholarship had to present their vision of what the major development trends or changes in buildings and structures could be over the next 15 to 20 years.

Kaarel believes that successful companies should always take the opportunity to show that they care: “For us, it is a sign of a company’s maturity and part of responsible behavior in society as a whole. It is also an opportunity and willingness to invest in young people who are creating the future for all of us.”