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PRESS RELEASE: The Skyon office building was recognised with the highest international certificate

Capital Mill announced today that the Skyon office building on Maakri Street was awarded the internationally recognised LEED Platinum certificate. According to CEO Kaarel Loigu, Skyon is a leader in construction culture and quality. 

The LEED certificate is an internationally recognised certification system developed by the US Green Building Council. In order to receive the certificate, the building can earn points in five different areas: sustainable construction site, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials and resources, and quality of the indoor environment. Additional points can also be awarded for design. The Platinum certification awarded to Skyon is the highest recognition followed by Gold, Silver, and Classic certifications.  

In addition to Skyon, five other buildings in Estonia have received the Platinum certification, but the 95-metre Skyon stands out from the others in terms of its height. The certificate was issued in an international evaluation and the building received a significant 84 out of 110 points. Skyon is the first commercial building in Estonia to be issued the certificate on the basis of renewed conditions, which are significantly stricter than before. 

According to Kaarel Loigu, CEO of Capital Mill, such achievements increase the value of real estate and give reassurance to the client and the public that the high requirements set for the building have been met. According to Loigu, certificates are also becoming increasingly important for banks, as more and more attention is being paid to the green transition and the valuing of the environment. ‘As the best possible solutions are used in the design and construction phase of the building, we can be sure that the life cycle of the building will be as long as possible,’ commented Loigu.  

The certificate promises to increase the value of the building in the eyes of international investors as well. ‘This greatly helps us with investors, as they get a clear understanding and assurance about the building thanks to the internationally recognised and valued certificate, which is also a third party confirmation regarding the compliance of the building with high requirements,’ said Loigu. 

In the process of applying for the LEED certificate, Capital Mill worked with Forus Haldus, one of the largest real estate management, maintenance, and energy efficiency companies in Estonia. According to Teet Raudsep, Chairman of the Management Board of Forus Haldus, LEED-certified buildings have significantly lower maintenance costs and an environmental footprint, increasing the well-being of the users of the building. ‘The fact that the documentation of the building is in order and the construction process is transparent is also important. This makes it much easier to manage the building and sell it if you wish,’ added Raudsep. 

Among others, companies such as Coop Pank, BaltCap, Vaimo, Tuum, and the Estonian Banking Association operate in the office building. Capital Mill itself has taken over the top floor. The most important difference in the Baltic cityscape of the high-rise building is the unique coloured glass facade, which consists of 898 coloured elements. The architectural solution of Skyon was created by the internationally renowned KOKO architects.  

The Navigator office building, which was previously managed by Capital Mill, received a Gold certificate in 2014, and in 2016, the Explorer commercial building was also awarded the Platinum certificate.  

Capital Mill is a company established in 2008 which is focused on investment in business buildings in the Baltic states. The total value of the investments made in the years of operation of the company amounts to almost 400 million euros. The founders and partners of the company are a team with long-term real estate and banking experience. Capital Mill manages a number of highly regarded commercial buildings in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  

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